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In Memory

Mr. Phillip A. Mundt

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01/13/15 11:48 AM #2    

Virginia Meyer (Hopkirk)

Both Phil Mundt and Jim Marzuki set me on the creative path for the rest of my life.  Looking back, they were iconic members of a changing culture in their own unique way.  Yesterday I found a print of a dancer that Phil Mundt had done while introducing me to the magic of printmaking.  She will serve as a good memory of my days in the Art Room at Rich East. So sorry that both creative men are now gone.


01/13/15 01:18 PM #3    

Candace (Rohn) Corley

Mr. Mundt was such a wonderful teacher and person. I was so quiet and he always made me feel like he cared. I transferred from a class of 20 in a rural area of northern Indiana - can you imagine the shock of entering Rich East. Mr. Mundt was so kind.

01/13/15 02:51 PM #4    

Marsha Johnson (Lange)

He was a very special teacher, making all of us feel special.  From the "Brains" to the "Jocks", and inbetween, we all had a place in his room and I believe in his heart.  Fond memories will stay with me.



01/14/15 09:48 AM #5    

Marti (Martha) Whitman (Edwards)

Mr. Mundt was a strong influence in my decision to attend The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.  He helped select my art work to be included in my admissions portfolio.  I'll always be thankful for his friendship and guidance.  I still have a red vase that I made in ceramic class under his instruction.  I remember him saying that "we got the red glaze just right on this one".  He was such  an influence on my art work.  Thanks Mr. Mundt!

01/16/15 03:11 PM #6    

Kay Campbell

Mr Mundt was the best! He encouraged & inspired everyone. He also drove a convertible MG with the top down in winter, no hat! I can still picture it . So cool.... He will be missed I'm sure. Peace to him & his loved ones.

01/30/15 10:35 AM #7    

Dierdre Lindhoff (Curtis)

He seemed to be able to understand his students and their needs. The last time I saw him was at the Park Forest Art Fair in 2013. We talked about John Snider and how much he loved Mr. Mundt's MG. I had also seen him there the year before and he was nice enough to say he remembered me. His class was a tranquil island for me in a high school sea of high winds. He was always there with understanding, encouragement, praise and advice just when you most needed it. You can add my name to the long list of people claiming Mr. Mundt as their favorite teacher. The art world is lucky to have the legacy of the beautiful pieces of work he left behind.

02/17/18 07:49 PM #8    

Bruce Mayer

God bless Phil Mundt, that crazy old man influnced me so much that I went on to be an art teacher. We remained friends for many years . I Ioved him. He touched a lot of hearts. 

02/19/18 07:07 AM #9    

Jeff Fleck

I'm sure some of you remember that Mr. Mundt had a recored player in the art room.  One of the LP's he often played was "Gibson and Camp, live at the gate of Horn".  They were Chicago folk singers.  I have a remake of that album from the 1990's.  It's a CD, so digital.  I'll share with anyone who wants it.   Jeff

03/31/20 02:22 PM #10    

John Snider

My collection of Raku pottery by Phil Mundt

03/31/20 04:02 PM #11    

George Mintz

Mr. Mundt was one of the few teachers I really remember. I enjoyed his class a lot, and learned a lot from him!

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