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In Memory

Robert Stock
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10/24/20 11:36 AM #5    

Robert Galbraith

Hello John.  So sorry to hear of Bob's passing.  He went so fast.  True to Bob always remembering everyone's birthday I see he just sent a nice birthday message to Eileen on the day of his stroke this past Monday.  Bob was a great guy and a great classmate and he will be greatly missed.   My sincerest condolences to his family and to you, John, in losing a great, close friend.

10/24/20 02:40 PM #6    

Judith Higgins (Varley)

Bob was always a happy person.  I never saw him without a smile, a laugh, a hug.  As he passed after a massive stroke, we have to know he is now in a better place.  Prayers to his family, prayers for his new venture.  He will be  missed.

10/24/20 05:40 PM #7    

Carol Kyle (Sage)

Our Class of ’65 has lost one of its most ardent supporters.  Bob put so much of his time and effort into our reunions…remember the wonderful photo albums he created and brought to these reunions for us to enjoy?  Those were incredibly special.  And don’t forget – he compiled that fun collection of tunes we grew up with (I still play these in my car today).  Bob was a friend to ALL.  His birthday wishes were so very special.  He was a guy…correction…he was a Gentleman who went Over The Top at friendship.  Thank you dear Bob. 

John, my heart goes out to you.  This is a very difficult time.  Your friendship with Bob was a two-way street, no doubt about that.  I’m sure Bob is smiling down from Heaven telling you to “Carry On”…thank you Bob…and thank you John for keeping in touch with each of us.  It is greatly appreciated.    

With love to all, Carol Kyle Sage



10/25/20 09:03 AM #8    

Veronica Painter (Garcia)

Very sad news about Bob. Every reunion we sat and talked like we were still back in high school. We took many pics together which I will treasure. He was liked by all, very cool guy. He will be missed . 

10/25/20 10:03 AM #9    

Marti (Martha) Whitman (Edwards)

Bob was liked by all. He was so special and caring in planning the reunions and staying in touch with each of us here. We will surely miss you Bob, you were a bright star.  My deepest sympathy to his family.

10/25/20 10:30 PM #10    

Sue Ann Dluehosh

So sorry. Prayers to Bob's family. If we want to send a card, is there an address??

10/26/20 07:22 AM #11    

Dierdre Lindhoff (Curtis)

So sad that Bob is gone. He and John were so instramental in keeping our class in touch over the years. The wonderful reuniods they planned together. I am so fortunate to have been able to spend time with them through the years. My prayers to his family. He was very special. John I'm so sorry you lost your great friend.

10/26/20 02:28 PM #12    

John Roop

Yes, Bob came to represnt our Class of '65.  We all have fond memories of him. .  Whenever I think of Bob it brings a warm smile to me.  I hope Bob can hear my thoughts of him right now.  We should all be so blessed to touch so many people as Bob has!

10/28/20 07:13 PM #13    

Linda Olmsted (Kamerling)

I'm so sorry to hear about Bob's stroke. I was thinking of him gratefully this summer when I drove to St. Louis from Denver to see my mother and enjoyed the music he recorded for us and distributed at the reunion.  Bob had great taste in music, and thanks to him, the long, boring drive across Kansas was full of Rich East memories and rock and roll.  Rest in Peace, Bob. Rock on!

10/31/20 05:17 PM #14    

Karin Sittig (Popkin)

Bob never forgot a birthday. What a simple wonderful legacy. Lighting a candle now for his family and friends.


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